The Genealogy of Green

The motivation for creating this website was primarily love. Love for cannabis, for helping people heal and maintain health, and for the immense intelligence we all innately hold in our body-minds. Sadly, all these phenomena have been attacked, degraded, or otherwise marginalized in today's industrialized and tech-obsessed culture. During the same period that thousands of new, synthetic designer drugs have hit the market and medical technologies have advanced and proliferated at inconceivable rates, rates of chronic disease and health disturbances have simultaneously skyrocketed. Today, a statistical majority of U.S. adults have at least one chronic illness, regularly take at least one pharmaceutical drug, and score terribly on holistic metabolic health tests. All factors considered, we are one of the least healthy societies to ever exist on Earth.

Read that again. In the year 2023, with a mind-boggling array of pharma drugs, medical technologies, and proprietary treatments that past civilizations could hardly even dream of, most people living in industrialized societies suffer chronically from one or many more illnesses, diseases, or conditions that significantly affect their daily health and wellbeing. This situation exists in the same moment that the U.S. spends $4.3 trillion on healthcare annually. What gives?

My comprehensive answer to that question would require a few books' worth of discussion. But in a nutshell, I believe one of the main components of this situation is the simple fact that humans today are severely disconnected from what is natural, including ourselves. Within just a few generations, humans went from living with relatively few material technologies and with frequent, direct contact with nature to living in vast urban areas totally pervaded by materials and technologies that mediate or even directly block our experience of nature in its pure, wild form. Today, most people know more about their digital devices and celebrities than they know about the soils, ecologies, waterways, plants, animals, and fungi which feed them and make life possible.

Industrialized cultures are so obsessed with, and inundated by, a technological ideology that serves mechanical efficiency more than the health of living systems that much of the medical industry views herbal medicines as "alternative" care while uncritically relying on synthetic designer drugs. There are, to be sure, many legitimate, safe, and effective pharmaceutical drugs on the market. Unfortunately, there are even more dangerous, ineffective, and unreliable drugs. Moreover, pharmaceutical drugs and herbal medicines need not be in conflict, or mutually-exclusive options. Many thousands of high-quality, reliable scientific and medical studies published over the past few decades has confirmed what world-leading cannabis expert and neurologist Dr. Ethan Russo has reminded us: *quote on doing better than nature.