Cannabis Bibliographies

***disclaimer about not condoning any source or information. Some resources cross-listed. Link to Zotero collections. Table of contents with link.


Cannabis Basics

*cannabis 101; the ECS; etc.

Clinical use

Educational Courses

  • Pivital EDU
  • Smokenol Sessions; Dr. Miyabe Shields, PhD - pharmacologist specializing in cannabinoid medicine (

Endocannabinology and the Endocannabinoid System

  • Weed Science


History of Cannabis


  • Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (

Plant Intelligence, Cognition, and Physiology

  • Kimmerer
  • Thus Spoke the Plant
  • Marder
  • Suzanne Simard
  • Stamets
  • Plants Have so Much to Give

Social Dynamics: Law, Politics, Economics

Science and Medical Research Generally

What is science?

  • Henry Bauer

Scientific and Medical Research

  • Ben Goldacre

Spirituality and Cannabis


-Ben Goldacre